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Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse

Please note: Click the course title to view the course or website where the course is offered. Courses or fees may have changed on provider sites since their posting here. Always check the provider's website for accreditation information, terms, and conditions of courses offered. does not offer any courses and is not responsible for the courses listed on this site.

Course Title Provider Contact Hours Cost
Helping People Change Health-Related Behaviors 1 $10
Addiction in Women and Homosexuals 1 69.00
Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 2.5 25.00
Breaking the Ties of Nicotine Dependence Nursing Center 2.5 $24.95
Cardiovascular Effects of Cocaine 1 $10
Chronic Pain: An Integrative Approach to Effective Pain Management ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 2.5 25.00
Depression: An Integrative Approach ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 2 20.00
Ecstasy: Under the Influence 2 $10
Methamphetamines: What You Need to Know 5 $20
Substance Abuse Dynamic Nursing Education 2 $12
Substance Abuse SpeedyCeus 7 $56
Substance Abuse in Older Adults Updated 1st Edition Western Schools 3 19.95
Substance Abuse: Commonly Abused Substances & the Addiction Process, 2nd Edition Western Schools 32 69.95


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