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Infectious Diseases

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Course Title Provider Contact Hours Cost
Adult Acute Respiratory Infections Western Schools 3 19.95
Biological Warfare: Diseases as Weapons 3 $12
Chlamydia: The Silent Epidemic 1 $10
Chronic Hepatitis C Viral Infections: An Overview of a Silent Killer NYSNA 2 $15
Clostridium Difficile 1 $19.99/ unlimited
Hepatitis C: Prevention, Assessment & Treatment 3 $12
HIV/AIDS for Florida Healthcare Professionals 1 $10
HIV/AIDS for Kentucky Nurses 2 $20
HIV/AIDS: A Comprehensive Review 7 $31
Influenza: Seasonal Flu 2013-2014: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention 1 $10
Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs) 1 $10
Pertussis 1 $10
Probotics: Miracles or Myths ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 2 20.00
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 8 $45
Tuberculosis 4 $30
West Nile Virus 1 FREE
West Nile Virus Western Schools 1 9.95
West Nile Virus Medical Education Systems,INC 3 9.00


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