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IV Therapy

Please note: Click the course title to view the course or website where the course is offered. Courses or fees may have changed on provider sites since their posting here. Always check the provider's website for accreditation information, terms, and conditions of courses offered. does not offer any courses and is not responsible for the courses listed on this site.

Course Title Provider Contact Hours Cost
All About Gamma Globulin Pedagogy Incorporated 1.5 20.00
Basics of Peripheral IV Therapy in Adults; Current Standards of Practice Pedagogy Incorporated 7.5 75.00
Current Concepts in Chemotherapy Pedagogy Incorporated 3 30.00
Current Practices in the Management of Central Lines Pedagogy Incorporated 5 50.00
Effective Blood Collection Phlebotomy Pedagogy Incorporated 3 30.00
GOAL: Zero Catheter Related Blood Stream Ifections(CRBSI) Pedagogy Incorporated 2 30.00
Inotropic Therapy for the treatment of Chronic Congestive Heart Failure Pedagogy Incorporated 2 20.00
Intraosseous Access Devices Pedagogy Incorporated 4.5 40.00
Intravenous Therapy Certification National Healthcare Institute 30 195.00
IV Complications - Extravasation During Cancer Therapy CNE Explorer 1 15.00
IV Micronutrient Infusion Therapy: The Myers' Cocktail and Vitamin C Infusions CNE Explorer 1 15.00
IV Safety - Preventing an Air Embolism CNE Explorer 1 12.00
IV Safety - Reducing Blood Transfusion Errors CNE Explorer 1 15.00
IV Therapy Dynamic Nursing Education 2 $12
IV Therapy - Preventing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections CNE Explorer 1.5 22.00
IV Therapy: Essentials for Safe Practice Western Schools 20 44.95
MedSenses: Preventing Needlestick Injury Philips Learning Center 1 18.00
Phlebitis: Identifying and Preventing Complications in at Risk Patients CNE Explorer 1 16.99
Phlebotomy Excellence: Module 2: Phlebotomy Safety Philips Learning Center 1 28.00
Phlebotomy Excellence: Module 3: The Patient Experience Philips Learning Center 1 18.00
Phlebotomy Excellence: Module 4: Blood Procurement Philips Learning Center 1 18.00
Phlebotomy Excellence: Module 5 : Special Procedures & Specimen Integrity Philips Learning Center 1.25 25.00
Phlebotomy Excellence: Module 6: Florida Infant Screening & Heel Stick Philips Learning Center 1 25.00
PICC Line Care and Maintenance 2 $8
Reducing Hospitalizations with Hypodermoclysis Pedagogy Incorporated 1.5 20.00
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) in the Adult Population Pedagogy Incorporated 5 50.00
Transfusion Therapy in Adult Patients Pedagogy Incorporated 4 40.00
Understanding Coagulation Tests 4 $16


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