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Nursing CEUs: State Mandated Topics

Please note: Click the course title to view the course or website where the course is offered. Courses or fees may have changed on provider sites since their posting here. Always check the provider's website for accreditation information, terms, and conditions of courses offered. does not offer any courses and is not responsible for the courses listed on this site.

Course Title Provider Contact Hours Cost
All state-mandated course at 0 varies
Bioterrorism Bluedrop Performance Learning 1 29.95/ unlimited
Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Education for Nevada Nurses 4 $40
Bioterrorism Preparedness 2 $20
CERTIFICATE in Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 23 161.00
Child Abuse Identification and Reporting in New York State: Mandated Reporter Training 3 $30
Clinical Concerns in HIV/AIDS (Florida) 2 $19.99/ unlimited
Domestic Violence Education for Florida Healthcare Professionals 2 $20
Domestic Violence Education for Kentucky Nurses 3 $30
Domestic Violence Update for Nurses 2 $8
End of Life Care (Florida, West Virginia) 2 $8
End of Life Care Florida Medcom/Trainex 2 15.00
End of Life including Hospice (various states) 2 $19.99/ unlimited
Hepatitis C Texas Medcom/Trainex 1 15.00
HIV Update for Nurses 3 $12
HIV/AIDS for Florida Healthcare Professionals 1 $10
HIV/AIDS for Kentucky Nurses 2 $20
HIV/AIDS for Washington Healthcare Professionals (7 CH) 7 $65
Infection Control and Barrier Precautions NYSNA 4.6 $25
Infection Control Training for New York State Healthcare Professionals 4 $40
Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing: Liability in Patient Care ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 7 70.00
Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing: Risks in Nursing Practice ALLEGRA Learning Solutions,LLC 5 50.00
Legal: The Rights of Patients Rights (Ohio) 1 $19.99/ unlimited
Medical Errors, Medication Errors and Patient Safety (Florida) 2 $19.99/ unlimited
Medical Errors: What You Need to Know 2 $8
New York: Prescribing Information for Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives NYSNA 3.6 $25
Ohio Nurse Practice Act: Standards of Safe Nursing Practice 1 $10
Ohio Nursing Law Affecting Daily Practice Western Schools 1 14.95
Organ and Tissue Donation and Recovery for New Jersey Nurses 1 $10
Pain Management for Michigan Nurses 1 $10
Pain Management for New Mexico Advanced Practice Nurses 5 $50
Pain Management for Oregon Healthcare Professionals 6 $60
Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma for Kentucky Healthcare Professionals 2 $20
Prevention of Medical Errors 2 20.00
Prevention of Medical Errors for Florida Healthcare Professionals 2 $20
Prevention of Medical Errors for Florida Nurses National Healthcare Institute 2 9.95
Puerto Rico: Breastfeeding for Nursing Licensure Nursing Spectrum 3 $20
Puerto Rico: Domestic Violence and Abuse Nursing Spectrum 2 $20
Reducing Medication Errors: A Focus on the Med Pass Pedagogy Incorporated 3.5 35.00
Tuberculosis 2 $20


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